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Casper Roland Popp

Jens 2-02.jpg

Lars Evers


Jens Moss Thorsen

Simon Gleerup Meiner

Pagan Danish heavy rockers BERSÆRK have gone from victory to victory since the beginning of

their raid in 2012. The band has won over the Danish metal and rock audiences with its unique

natively tongued heavy rock as an invincible live unit selling out venue after venue on Danish


Now, BERSÆRK is ready with their third album entitled ‘SOL’ - an epic record showing new

sides to the band while describing humanity’s struggle through war, death and decay to finally

achieve rebirth and victory.

In 2012, the wild wolf returned to Denmark, and the very same year, BERSÆRK arose!

Following the release of the EP ‘Trældom’ in 2013, the debut album ‘Mulm’ in 2015 and the

latest album ‘Jernbyrd’ from 2018, BERSÆRK has toured extensively in their native Denmark,

as well as in Norway and Germany.

They are known for intense and energetic live

performances having built a solid and loyal crowd of followers over time - known as

“Bersærkere” (‘Berzerkers’ in English) and during this period also created their own

definition of pagan heavy rock in the native Danish tongue.

BERSÆRK’s third album is named ‘SOL’ (‘Sun’ in Danish) set for an October 23rd 2020 release.

As always, the new songs roam within the mythic world of BERSÆRK, where the ancient

Nordic past is brought to life in a contemporary context, energetically conveyed by the band’s

grooving melodic stoner heavy rock and versatile talent for songwriting. ‘SOL’ is an ambitious

work carrying larger contrast than prior releases expanding on the band’s musical and lyrical

ambition, while still being a BERSÆRK-record in all its straightforward and energetic


This development has been evident on the two ferocious singles ‘Balders Bål’ and

‘Blod og Stål’ released ahead of the album.

BERSÆRK commenced work on ‘SOL’ in the fall of 2018, and its creation has been a quest with

both unforeseen obstacles as well as new collaborations and inspiration, and not least extra

levels of necessary willpower. With the new album, guitarist and main songwriter Lars Evers

has built a fruitful creative partnership with bass player and newest member Jens Moss Thorsen.

The songwriting and recordings have taken place in Thorsens studio in the countryside, where Evers and Thorsen have collected, worked on and produced the band’s

ideas, after which Popp and Meiner have contributed in the conclusive phase of recording.

As the explorative unit BERSÆRK is, the band has not settled with repeating past achievements, but cultivated new sonic, lyrical and visual dimensions of their expression on ‘SOL’. BERSÆRK is faithful to its signature sound, but has widened the palette with a more industrial aesthetic, and in addition strings, keyboards and acoustic instruments play a

natural part in the new songs, their dynamic arrangements and within the overall epic format of the album.

The road to the album’s completion has not been short of obstacles such as a worldwide pandemic and broken limbs, but the band has nonetheless found a way through a

common will and vision, and an essential trait of the process has been to let go and go forth.

On ‘SOL’, songwriter Lars Evers has been inspired by both the news stream as well as history.

Past and present are united in the album’s lyrical vision, which during the writing process took a conceptual turn and morphed into an old norse, shamanic journey through a post-

apocalyptic contemporary scenery. On ‘SOL’, BERSÆRK carries the ancient values, but there is

no doubt that we are situated in 2020 in regards to both lyrics and the music’s more modern edge.


The record’s general theme is the journey through death and destruction and decay to rebirth and victory, and the band binds together these subjects to a complete album

experience, where the conclusions remain open for the listener, once the music has faded.

Furtherly on ‘SOL’, BERSÆRK has cooperated with visual artist Ræveðis, whose artistic visions have fusioned perfectly with the band’s own ideas. The contributions of Ræveðis have

inspired lyrics and music during the process and added a new, more integrated visual dimension into the band’s universe. The sum of hardships, thoughts and a strong-willed strive

has shaped a BERSÆRK, which with ‘SOL’ ascends with their most complete and heartfelt album to date - a work, who seeks to let will prevail with the calling: Put forth all you have

into the strife which is man’s journey from dark to light - and let the sun bring you life, once

you have triumphed.


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